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BBC waters down terror report

On Monday, Pakistani gunships attacked a religious school in Afghanistan that was being used as a training camp for al-Qaeda. At least 80 terrorists were killed according to reports. It was quite an accomplishment by the Pakistani government.

Headlines in the mainstream media read like this:

'Al-Qaeda school' attack: 80 dead, CNN

Pakistan hits al-Qaeda-linked school, MSNBC

CNN and MSNBC are liberal news stations. We're not talking FOX or FrontPage here. Yet the BBC has swung so far left that it refuses to mention the school's link to al-Qaeda:

Pakistan madrassa raid 'kills 80', BBC News

Because this headline omits any discussion of al-Qaeda links it conveys the message that the madrassa was an ordinary Islamic school. Unlike with the other titles, you can't infer from the BBC that the 80 dead were al-Qaeda terrorists. It gives the impression that 80 innocent students were killed in a madrassa in Pakistan, rather than the truth - 80 terrorists were killed in an al-Qaeda training camp by Pakistani forces.

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