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BBC hails 'martyrdom' of children in suicide attack

In a recent suicide attack, two children and a British marine were murdered. It's always sad to see innocent lives taken by the vile scum of Islam, but what makes this even worse is that the BBC hailed the two children as having been "martyred." BBC, bombing kills children and marine:
Meanwhile, a policeman has died in an attack in Khost province. The Taleban and their allies have been blamed for a rise in the number of suicide attacks.

'Children martyred'

The explosion in Lashkar Gah took place in the town centre, near the governor's compound.
Note that "children martyred" is a subheading from the BBC. At first I assumed it was a quote from another location in the article. It wasn't. When I checked, it didn't occur anywhere. It would appear that "children martyred" is the assertion of the BBC. Calling innocent victims "martyrs" is not a far stretch from the BBC's current policy of refusing to print the word "terrorism."

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