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Arab MKs Protest Israel Beitenu Joining Olmert Govt.

In Israel Arab MKs protested against Israel Beitenu (Israel Our Home), headed by Avigdor Lieberman, joining Olmert's coalition government. YNet, Tibi: Lieberman would fan racism. Arab MKs such as Ahmad Tibi and Ibraham Sarsur accused Lieberman of racism. Labour's Shelly Yacimovich concured, stating that letting Israel Beitenu join the coalition would harm the peace process. Excerpts from the article:
Shuli Dichter, co-CEO of Sikkuy, the Association for the Advancement of Civic Equality in Israel, said that "Olmert had been leading a positive course, building relations with Arab citizens, but including Lieberman in the government is likely to destroy all these efforts."

"As Infrastructure Minister Lieberman said he would halt services to each Arab community that refuses to hoist an Israeli flag in local schools. Some time after that he suggested that the citizenship of Arabs living near the border be revoked. Someone who rejects the legitimacy of nearly a fifth of the citizens cannot serve as a minister in the government, and certainly he can't offer services to them," he said.
I don't agree with Lieberman's every action, but I do agree with his stance in principle. Halting services to Arab communities that refuse to display an Israeli flag? Brilliant! The reason these Arab communities refuse to fly the Israeli flag is because they identify more with Palestinians than with Israel, despite their Israeli citizenship and despite the higher quality of life in Israel. If they don't want to be Israeli they shouldn't receive Israeli services. These are communities full of terrorists and terrorist sympathizers, a fifth column so to speak. They don't deserve Israeli services. Furthermore, they don't deserve Israeli citizenship. On this issue I agree with Lieberman - encourage these Arabs to leave Israel. If they continue acting as fifth columns, revoke their citizenship and deport them.
United Arab List-Ta'al MK Ibrahim Sarsur said: "Lieberman's inclusion in the government, knowing he is belligerent and as having racist and extreme opinions in general and against the Arab community in particular, will bring increase tension in Israeli society. It is granting a prize and legitimacy to racism towards Arab-Israelis in the country. Liberman's inclusion won't make the government more respectable and certainly not more stable."

MK Shelly Yacimovich (Labor) said that adding MK Avigdor Lieberman (Israel Our Home) to the coalition eliminates all hope for the peace process and for a social agenda. Yacimovich announced that she will work for a meeting of the party's institutions to discuss the matter.
Shelly and Ibrahim must have been under the (mistaken) impression that Olmert's government was working on the peace process. And somehow they got the idea that racism against Arabs is the problem, and not the constant anti-Semitic terrorist attacks by Palestinians. It makes no sense to pander to the Arab population in Israel if they don't view themselves as Israelis and don't support the State of Israel. Nothing Olmert can do will make Arabs love Israel. It's a problem that stems from Arab hatred of Jews, not from Jewish racism against Arabs. Lieberman's solutions, so far, are the only realistic ones. The solution that Arab MKs want is the destruction of Israel. That's why Arab MKs have such a long history of collaboration with terrorist groups.
On several occasions, Lieberman's hawkish views caused shock waves in Israel. In May he said that “Arab Knesset Members who collaborate with the enemy an meet with Hamas heads should be dealt with sternly”

"At the end of the Second World War, not only criminals were executed in the Nuremberg trials, but also those who collaborated with them. I hope that will be the fate of the collaborators in this house," he declared.

He continued: "We demanded in that in the basic principles it be written: All those who incite and cooperate with terror and who sit in this house – should be punished. All those who continue to freely meet with Hamas, with Hizbullah, who go to make visits in Lebanon.

“Just two days ago they declared Israel's Independence Day as Nakba day (day of disaster) and raised black flags. There is a directive on terrorism, according to which those who collaborate with it must face the law," Lieberman added.
Persecution of terrorist collaborators? Unthinkable! I suppose the dovish side would prefer to give them medals? Lieberman was of course referring to when Arab MKs have snuck off on their own, illegally, to meet with major terrorist leaders and the heads of enemy states. Again, Lieberman was right. If Arab MKs are collaborating with terrorist groups - and they are - they should be punished. Prosecute them for their crimes, Israel.

The fact that Arab MKs declare Israeli Independence Day a nakba tells us what they're really about - the destruction of Israel. The fact that these Arab MKs get voted in by the Arab population also tells us what the Arab population in Israel is all about. Again, the destruction of Israel. These Arabs are not Israelis. They hate Israel. It isn't racist to advocate that they stop acting as a fifth column, to advocate that they move to a country that they don't hate, or to prosecute them for collaborating with terrorists.

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