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12 year old Palestinian says "I love all the chaos"

Mahmoud is a 12 year old Palestinian boy who makes a living hawking tea at the al-Shifa hospital in Gaza. The BBC reports that this tea boy of gaza routinely witnesses violent conflicts right inside the hospital between armed Palestinian factions. When terrorists are told that they can't bring their weapons into the hospital, they respond with gunfire. Mahmoud relates:
"When fighting breaks out, it's usually over nothing," says Mahmoud.

"They're not really allowed to enter the building with guns, but when they're told they can't take their weapons in, they all start shooting. But I love all the chaos."
Does it surprise you that a 12 year old Palestinian child loves the chaos that ensues from gun battles between Palestinians inside a Gaza hospital? This is one example out of thousands demonstrating how Palestinian culture instills a passion for death and violence. Remember, the majority of Palestinians (73%) still support suicide attacks on civilians.

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