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MI5: 1/4 of Muslim population "sympathetic to violent jihad"

MI5, also known as the Security Service, is the intelligence and security agency of the United Kingdom. It's comparable to the United States Secret Service or the CIA. Today, its duties include anti-terrorism work within the UK. Not to be confused with MI6, or the Secret Intelligence Service, of which James Bond is a member in fiction.

According to a July 3 BBC article titled Al-Qaeda 'bid to infiltrate MI5' the Security Service believes that 400,000 persons in the UK are "sympathetic to violent jihad around the world." According to the British Embassy there are 1.6 million Muslims in the United Kingdom. This would mean that 1/4 of the Muslim population are potential terrorists and certainly terrorist supporters. A truly staggering number.

Keep in mind that the United Kingdom has one of the most liberal Muslim populations in the world. The UK is a Western nation with predominately secular Western ethics. If the Muslim community within the UK has such a high number of terrorist supporters, imagine the percentage of terrorist supporters in less secular East Asian Islamic countries like Malaysia and Indonesia. Further, imagine the percentage of terrorist supporters in Middle Eastern and North African states. Here are fundamentalist Islamic theocracies. If 1/4 of Muslims in the United Kingdom support violent terrorist attacks, clearly larger numbers do in fundamentalist countries. The myth of the "vast minority" of Muslim terrorists is easily exposed.

Checking statistics for Middle Eastern Muslim countries verifies this.
  • The Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research told us that 53% of the Palestinian population supports terrorist attacks against civilians, while 87% say they support attacks on soldiers and 86% say they support attacks on civilians in settlements.
  • The Nation reports that 47% of Iraqis support terrorist attacks on Americans.
  • The AP and Yahoo! News disagree; 61% of Iraqis support attacks on Americans.
Similar statistics exist for every Middle Eastern Muslim nation. Don't believe claims like that made by Awesomelibrary.org, "Demonstrators who support the use of terrorism represent a very small percent of the Muslim population." The statistics say otherwise. The facts say otherwise. A large minority to a majority of Muslims do support the use of terrorism.

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