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Mark Foley, the Republican who shagged me

It looks as if there is yet another right-wing sex scandal. I wonder if it will get as much attention as Bill Clinton. It should, and even more, considering that conservative Republican Mark Foley sexually harassed underage boys. Not only did he do this, but the rest of his conservative staff knew about it. CNN:

Shimkus recalled that when he initially questioned Foley about the e-mails, the congressman assured him that he was "simply acting as a mentor" and that "nothing inappropriate had occurred."

Foley said he was e-mailing to find out if the teenager was OK after Hurricane Katrina and "wanted a photo to see that the former page was all right," Shimkus said.

Foley was ordered to have no further contact with the former page and advised "to be especially mindful of his conduct," Shimkus said.

"And he assured us he would do so," Shimkus' statement added. "I received no subsequent complaints about his behavior nor was I ever made aware of any additional e-mails."


In them, Foley allegedly said he wanted to take the teen's clothes off, and in another he allegedly asked a page if he made him "a little horny," ABC News reported, saying other exchanges were too graphic to make public.
Settle down there, Austin Powers. You didn't make him horny, baby. In light of this sex scandal, Mark Foley resigned. Now if only we could get Rush Limbaugh to follow suit. Surely Limbaugh's sex tourism and drug smuggling from the Dominican Republic counts for something.

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